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Rohr Lake [PDF]

General Trail Info

Name of the trail

Rohr Lake


Easy rambling to a spectacular lake. Less crowded than Joffre.

Trail can be used for the following activities

Hiking,Snowshoeing,X-Country skiing

Directions to the trailhead

This is basically the same as Joffre Lakes. Take route 99 from Vancouver. Pass through Pemberton, going straight through the traffic lights. Continue on another 6km to Mount Currie, follow the road through the village to a sharp left hand turn. After this sharp turn, make a right at the intersection, heading towards Lillooet. Head up the Duffy. Passing the Joffre lakes parking lot, continue for another couple km, and park at the salt sheds on the right (if travelling in summer you can drive up the road to your left just before the salt sheds. Road is becoming overgrown but if you don't mind a few scratches and have 4wd you can drive to the end.)

Detailed description of the trail

Following the same directions as to the Marriot Basin, except turn right at the intersection in the forest (signed). Climb up to a bowl that is the start of the alpine. From there pick a route to the lake. Quickest is to climb the rocky bowl via the right side, and soon you will see the lake lying below. Many camp spots here. If there is still time (and there should be!), head up to the Rohr summit with beautiful views of the Joffre group. Camp at the lake for a few days to take the time to explore and fully appreciate this spectacular area.

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Trail located in region

Cayoosh Range

Trail located in province

BC - British Columbia

Trail located in park

Not in Prov. Park


Availability of amenities

TrailCamping (Back country), Fresh water raw,


Name of the section

Rohr Lake

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Condititions @ Jan 01 2005

Trail quality and condition4
Road condition and accessbility4
Vehicle parking4

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