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Tenquille Lake - Hurley road access [PDF]

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Tenquille Lake - Hurley road access


The trail climbs up over a pass, and into a valley for easy alpine rambling to the lake.

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Directions to the trailhead

Drive to Pemberton, turn left at the Petro Canada on Hwy 99. Drive through the town of Pemberton, turn left at the 4 way stop sign (3 mins from Hwy 99). Drive to end of road, turn left. Drive down Pemberton Meadows road for about 20 mins, turn right onto signed road "The Hurley". Cross the bridge and follow the road approx 9kms. Turn right at the fork (road gated on left) and head up switchbacks for another 10km. Cross bridge at Railroad Creek, and turn right up spur. Drive another km. If 4wd, then turn left and drive 2km (keep right at an intersection along the road). If no 4wd, walk the 2km. T/H is there.

Detailed description of the trail

This is a historic trail, one of the oldest in the Pemberton Valley. Used for over 100 years by pack horses. There is a cabin at the lake, is serious disrepair. The trail winds up through the forest, and flattens out for some very easy alpine rambling through the valley to Tenquille pass. A short descent brings you to the lake. Camp at the lake and stay for a few days to bag some of the many peaks in the area. This truly is a trail for everyone, as it is extremely rewarding without too much strain. To Tenquille pass from the beginning of the 4wd logging road is 900m elevation gain, but it is spread out so it doesn't hurt too much

There is another access, from the first bridge on the Hurley, but I've not yet been all the way up that trail so I can't give accurate details.

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Railroad Pass

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BC - British Columbia

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Not in Prov. Park


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TrailheadFirepit, Camping (Back country),
TrailPicnic table, Hut, Pit toilet, Fresh water raw, Firepit, Camping (Back country), Firewood, Drinking water,


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Tenquille trail

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