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Eiffel Peak [PDF]

General Trail Info

Name of the trail

Eiffel Peak


An easily accessilbe 3,000-metre peak in the Rockies, very near Lake Louise. For scramblers.

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Unmarked Route

Directions to the trailhead

This is from memory. From Lake Louise townsite, take road to Lake Louise. Before reaching the lake, take the right to Moraine Lake. Park in parking lot.

Detailed description of the trail

From trailhead, take trail to Larch Valley/Sentinel Pass. Involves several switchbacks before breaking out into meadows after a couple of kilometres (not exact). Here, switch on your GPS cause the turn off the main trail is not marked. From the main trail, the trail to Eiffel dips down near a creek before climbing back up to the ridge. Once on ridge, follow it to open terrain. Scramble begins shortly afterward, and stays on the right side of the peak. There is a climber\'s trail and cairns to follow. Crux of the route is a gully that looks worse than it is. Actual peak is one on the right, not the left peak. On descent, generally stay to left (downclimber\'s left) and keep your eye out for cairns. Scramble portion took about 90 minutes up and an hour down.

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Location and Amenities


Nearest city

Lake Louise

Trail located in region


Trail located in province

AB - Alberta

Trail located in park

Banff National Park


Availability of amenities

TrailheadFlush toilet, Garbage disposal, Drinking water, Restaurant, Picnic table, Boat launch, Inn,


Name of the section

Eiffel Peak

Total distance (km)

Completion time (h)


Elevation at start (m)


Maximum elevation (m)


Average grade (%)

Maximum grade (%)

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This section has a

Linear One-Way


Condititions @ Sep 25 2009

Trail quality and condition4
Road condition and accessbility5
Vehicle parking5

Point of Interest

StartJunction with main trail, start of routeWaypointBrian Driscoll1
TwoTrail bears rightWaypointBrian Driscoll1
Eiffel 3Start of alpine terrainWaypointBrian Driscoll1
Eiffel 4Ascending ridgeWaypointBrian Driscoll1
Eiffel 5Ascending ridgeWaypointBrian Driscoll1
Eiffel 5bear leftWaypointBrian Driscoll1
Eiffel peaknear peak, I don\'t have a waypoint for summitWaypointBrian Driscoll1

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