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Fairview Horse Trails [PDF]

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Fairview Horse Trails


Group of exising trails providing access to Sawmill lake, Madden Lake, and surrounding areas in Oliver Bc

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Directions to the trailhead

Take 350th Rd West from Hwy 97 N in Oliver, abolut a mile and a half, turn right onto Fairview/ White Lake Rd (149thSt ) for approx 4 miles, Turn Left -West on dirt road marked by forestry sign to Sawmill Lake. The main gravel/dirt road travels up the hill about a mile and a half towoards Sawmill lake fishing access. The trailhead is about an eight of a mile up the dirt road to a level parking area, grass wth a few trees. Be careful as there has been vandalism and the area could have broken glass and burnt tires and other debris. When left alone it is a great area to park and unlaod horses, or park for hiking. There are many trails here - all leading up into the hills, and accessing both Sawmill Lake and Madden Lake.

Detailed description of the trail

From the Trailhead, all trails lead up into the hills.
You can take the main dirt road and it will go to Sawmill Lake, about one and one half miles, all uphill. From there the trail to Madden Lake is on the far side of the lake, and not well marked.
There are many trails branching out, all going uphill. Most of the trails are for horses, but are easily accessed for hikers, dog walkers, birdwatchers, there is also a maintained Bluebird Trail in this area. Trails are up and down, into rolling hills, with gullies in between and some meadows, with groves of poplars interspersed, footing is mostly dirt, not too rocky. Some narrow trails are challenging for a horse, for short stretches, but mostly easy uphill riding. Be careful of the motorcycles and 4-wheelers, as in many places they are off the road and cannot see the horses and if going too fast can be dangerous. there are also rattlesnakes in the area, as in most of the Okanagan.
This is a grazing lease so in summer months there will be cattle grazing so the gate must be kept shut.
Non motorized use is welcomed, but there has been much damage by off-road vehicles to the fragile grasslands.
The trailhead has also suffered much degradation from broken glass, bonfires and general destruction of the grassy area. Local residents and the rancher attempt to keep the Trailhead safe and usable, unfortunately recent
use by bush parties and off-road users have left the Trailhead badly damaged, also it can get very noisy and dangerous osn weekends with the use by off-roaders. Efforts are being made to have the Trailhead designated for horses and non-motorized use. These trails are representative of the beautiful dryland meadows of the Okanagan .

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This trail has been contributed by Theresa Tompkins
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BC - British Columbia

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Sawmill Lake section

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