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Mt. McGuire [PDF]

General Trail Info

Name of the trail

Mt. McGuire


A picturesque climb to 360° views!

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Directions to the trailhead

Travel EAST along Chilliwack Lake Road until you reach the Slesse Bridge (if you pass the Hatchery, you've gone too far). Turn right BEFORE crossing the bridge and follow the logging road.
Within a km or so, you will cross another bridge and shortly afterwards, the road will fork. Take the RIGHT fork, always going uphill.
The road will switchback several times, crossing many deep waterbars. There are a few small logging spurs that cut to the right, ignore them and continue UPHILL.
At the 750m level, a road comes in from the left; ignore that one as well (although there are many points-of-interest along that route, to be explored some other day perhaps?). Now, the road levels somewhat and follows the edge of a large ravine. You cross a small bridge then drive through the remnants of an old slide.
After the rock pile, the road follows the North side of the hill, losing elevation for a few km's. Keep an eye out for the cross-ditches!
Now the road starts climbing again as you pass along the East side of Borden Creek. Before long, you will cross Borden Creek and continue gaining elevation.
Within a few km's you will come to another fork. The LEFT fork will take you into the Borden Valley. There is a makeshift sign, pointing the way towards the McGuire trailhead by taking the RIGHT fork. At this point, the road steepens considerably. It is also quite rough, requiring a high-clearance 4x4 to navigate.
Within the next 2 kms, you cross another creek and make one more switchback before finally reaching another fork in the road. Neither of these forks go much further, so you may as well park and prepare yourself for the next phase of the journey!

Detailed description of the trail

From the "parking area", you can see Mt. McGuire directly in front of you, the trail basically follows the zig-zagging treeline up the southeast side of the mountain. Take the LEFT fork, past the mighty sinkhole (be extremely careful if you chose to investigate), across a washout, and up another kilometer of logging road. When you reach an intersection, veer hard-left and take the lower spur in order to reach the trailhead sign. If you take the wrong spur, don't worry because none of them go anywhere!
Depending on recent usage, the first part of the trail may be quite obvious, or it may be totally obscured by the vegetation. Either way, you need to get atop the ridge to the west. From there, the trail should be fairly obvious.
Once on the trail, it meanders lazily through some nice second-growth forest, past a pond and through a quaint meadow, complete with a babbling brook! Without warning however, it will start to climb and the gain is relentless, even through the wooded sections.
Once out of the woods, you are treated to some truly amazing views of the Chilliwack and Fraser Valleys, as well as vistas to the South.
The trail is narrow and inconspicuous in some parts, as it winds through junipers and cedars or past the huge scree chutes. All the while, your views improve as you gain elevation. Sub-peaks and limestone formations appear to be everywhere. Near the top of the scree chute is a small rock formation with a seemingly bottomless cave that faces Southwest.
The trail continues upwards to a final grove of evergreens, afterwhich you make the ridge and are at the mercy of the elements. This is no place to lose your nerve. In order to make the summit, you must scramble along this ridge for a dozen meters or so, with a GOOD grip on the mountain! The ridge is steep and a slip here would be lethal.
Once on the summit, the reason for doing this hike becomes quite obvious. To the Northeast, the Cheam range can be seen in the distance, behind the Elk and Thurston group. The views of Tomyhoi, Larabee and the Border peaks (South) is unparalleled. The Slesse range towers to the Southeast. To the immediate West is Church, Liumchen, and Tamihi.
McGuire Lake can be seen a few hundred meters below on the North side.
The views along this hike are absolutely awe-inspiring and worth every ounce of effort it might take you to summit.
Be careful if the trail is wet, the open sections get VERY slippery!

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Lower Mainland

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BC - British Columbia

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Not in Prov. Park


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TrailheadCamping (Back country), Fresh water raw,


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McGuire trail

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Point of Interest

TurnoffChilliwack Lake road turnoff to Mt. McGuireWaypointTheShadow1
Parking areaPark hereWaypointTheShadow1
T/HMt. McGuire TrailheadWaypointTheShadow1
Cave"Bottomless" caveWaypointTheShadow1
McGuire SummitMt. McGuire summitWaypointTheShadow1

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