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Brandywine Meadows [PDF]

General Trail Info

Name of the trail

Brandywine Meadows


Spectacular alpine meadows and mountain peak near Brandywine Park.

Trail can be used for the following activities

Hiking,Backcountry skiing,Riding (snowboard)

Directions to the trailhead

Take Highway 99 to Brandywine Provincial Park. Drive north 2.7 km. Take the mountain road on the west side as far as possible to the trail head. The best place to park at the time of writing is the southern-most part of the GPS track associated with this report. Walk up last part of the road (or drive 4x4). The trailhead is in the remaining swath of uncut forest and just before the creek (see map). This is a mountain road and its condition is marginal for 2 wheel drive. Beware of ATVs in summer and snowmobiles in the other seasons.

Detailed description of the trail

The trail winds steeply up through the forest. It is always on the east side of the creek. Annual deadfalls slightly change the route, so watch for the trail markers. Just before the upper clearcut, the trail turns somewhat westward to avoid the clearcut. Just before the meadows the trail heads north and away from the creek. You will enter the meadows by climbing over a gentle knoll so that the long glacial valley and mountain headwall beyond presents itself to you as an IMAX moment. In mid August this alpine valley is a spectacular garden. With an elevation gain of only 670 meters, this is one of the most rewarding hikes in the area. If you have visitors, take them here; and then later, drop by Brandywine Park to see the falls. If your group is up for a full mountain experience, go to the top of Brandywine Mountain. While the route is beyond this report, note that it has everything: scrambling, a small glacier to cross, and outstanding views from the top. Your reporter has skiied down from the peak in the second week in June. This would be a great ski destination, but it is also a favourite site for snomobilers.

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This trail has been contributed by Robert Ballantyne
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Location and Amenities


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Trail located in region

Squamish River - Cheakamus River Divide

Trail located in province

BC - British Columbia

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No Park


Availability of amenities

TrailheadFresh water raw,
TrailFresh water raw, Camping (Back country),


Name of the section

Brandywine Meadows

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Condititions @ Aug 13 2006

Trail quality and condition4
Road condition and accessbility3
Vehicle parking3

Point of Interest

BrandywineBrandywine Meadows trail & car parkTrackRobert Ballantyne218

Sources of Information

Title/URL103 Hikes in SW BC (Hike #37)
PublisherDouglas & McIntyre
Resource TypePrinted Book

PublisherClubTread - hiking forum
Resource TypeClubTread Discussion

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