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Gambier Lake [PDF]

General Trail Info

Name of the trail

Gambier Lake


If leaving from Vancouver, the hike begins with two nice ferry trips, to arrive in New Brighton. This is a 7km hike, with the firs 2kms along a gravel road.

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Directions to the trailhead

Leaving from Vancouver take the ferry to Langdale/Sunshine Coast. In Langdale board the ferry to Gambier Island (New Brighton). The Gambier Island ferry is for passengers only. No vehicles allowed, but bikes and dogs are welcome.
Once in New Brighton, follow the road to the trailhead. It is every left hand turn/fork in the road until the trailhead. The trail begins just before Mike's Bay. On the trail follow the green markers to Gambier Lake.
It is basically every right turn once you begin on the trail.

Detailed description of the trail

The trail follows an old logging road, as well as creekbeds.
It can be muddy as well as loose in places, but it is easily followed and non-technical.
There are not many switchbacks, so the trail is quite direct.

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Location and Amenities


Nearest city


Trail located in region

Gambier Island

Trail located in province

BC - British Columbia

Trail located in park

Not in Prov. Park


Availability of amenities

TrailFirepit, Fresh water raw, Pit toilet, Camping (Back country),


Name of the section

Gambier Lake Trail

Total distance (km)


Completion time (h)


Elevation at start (m)


Maximum elevation (m)


Average grade (%)

Maximum grade (%)

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This section has a

Linear One-Way


Condititions @ Apr 13 2004

Trail quality and condition4
Road condition and accessbilityn/a
Vehicle parkingn/a

Point of Interest

G.LakeGambier LakeWaypointMarc Boudreau1

Sources of Information

Title/URLBC Car-Free
AuthorBrian Grover
PublisherWhiskey-Jack Communications
EditionVolume 1
Resource TypePrinted Book

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