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Mount Mercer [PDF]

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Mount Mercer


A little-known summit in the Chilliwack River Valley, with views to rival the other more "popular" destinations.

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Directions to the trailhead

Drive East on Chilliwack Lake Road for about 30kms until you reach the Foley Lake turnoff, then turn LEFT. Set your odometer to ZERO.
At 2km, you will cross a bridge. Veer LEFT again and continue.
At about 3.5km, you will cross another bridge over Chipmunk creek.
Near the 6.5km mark you will see the turnoff to Mt. Mercer on your right (or use the waypoint listed below).

Reset your odometer. The first 2.5km of this logging road is flat, smooth and wide...but don't be fooled; the remaining 5.5km are rough, rutted and narrow.
Near the 6 km mark, you will encounter the first of five water crossings. Between the third and fourth is a nasty washout where the road has collapsed upon itself. Only skilled drivers should attempt going any further. The road leaves the forest soon afterward and climbs steeply past open meadows along the hillside.

At the 1520m level (near the 8km mark) you will encounter a bit of a clearing; the trailhead. Although the trail appears to be a driveable road, it quickly deteriorates into a steep, one-track footpath.

Detailed description of the trail

From the clearing/parking area the trail steepens radically. However, since this entire "hike" is less than a 200m gain, the steep part is brief! After a few minutes in the trees, the trail breaks out onto the ridge and into the sprawling meadows.
The trail basically follows the ridge to the summit, first on the North side, then to the South as if to give the user the best views of both!
Once at the first "false" summit, the trail levels and passes through an area that seems to be made for pitching a tent! Another quick rise brings you to the true summit.
From the summit, the trail continues down to some lower viewpoints.

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Lower Mainland

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BC - British Columbia

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No Park


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TrailCamping (Front country), Camping (Back country), Fresh water raw,


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Linear One-Way


Condititions @ Aug 05 2005

Trail quality and condition4
Road condition and accessbility2
Vehicle parking2

Point of Interest

Foley Lake turnoffTurnoff to many hikes in the areaWaypointTheShadow1
Mt. Mercer turnoffTurnoff from bench road to Mt. MercerWaypointTheShadow1
Mt. Mercer trailheadParking area at trailheadWaypointTheShadow1
Mt. Mercer summitSummit of Mt. MercerWaypointTheShadow1

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