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Norvan Falls [PDF]

General Trail Info

Name of the trail

Norvan Falls


A 15 km return hike to Norvan Falls. Little elevation gain

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Directions to the trailhead

On highway one take exit 19, Lynn Valley road. Follow this road all the way up to Lynn headwaters park. A narrow road will lead you to the parking lot.

Detailed description of the trail

Trail starts at small bridge crossing Lynn Creek. Follow the signs for the Lynn loop trail (turn right after the bridge, after 1 km take the left, Lynn loop, trail). After 2.5 km follow the headwaters trail. At the end (Third debris chute) continue on the headwaters trail. After 3 km you will see a suspension bridge on your left hand side (Hanes valley route to Lynn lake and Grouse). Don't cross the bridge but continue to your right for a few hundred meters to reach the falls.

Follow the same way back till the third debris chute, and go right on the Cedars mill trail. After 3.7 km your are back at the bridge.

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Location and Amenities


Nearest city

North Vancouver

Trail located in region

Lower Mainland

Trail located in province

BC - British Columbia

Trail located in park

Lynn Headwaters Regional Park


Availability of amenities

TrailheadFlush toilet, Garbage disposal, Picnic table, Drinking water,


Name of the section

Norvan Falls

Total distance (km)


Completion time (h)


Elevation at start (m)


Maximum elevation (m)


Average grade (%)

Maximum grade (%)

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Condititions @ Jul 23 2005

Trail quality and condition4
Road condition and accessbility5
Vehicle parking5

Point of Interest

DBRSCHTDebris SchuteWaypointBas Rijniersce1
NRVFLSNorvan FallsWaypointBas Rijniersce1
Norvan Falls15km return trip to Norvan FallsTrackBas Rijniersce538

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