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Battleship Lakes [PDF]

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Name of the trail

Battleship Lakes


Bushwack/ski/snowshoe up to a forested lake. Plenty of opportunities for daytrips and exploration.

Trail can be used for the following activities

Hiking,Snowshoeing,Backcountry skiing,Unmarked Route

Directions to the trailhead

Take Route 99 past Pemberton and Mount Currie. Turn right at the gravel road just before the climb onto the Duffy. Drive for about an hour, turn left on Lizzie lake road. From here the road deteriorates very quickly (and continues to do so) Keep left at the first junction, and drive 10k (left at second junction).

Detailed description of the trail

The road itself might become part of the trail soon.

I consider this to be a 'moderate' bushwack.

There is a creek crossing the road a few hundred metres from where the trail starts, this is the last source of water until you get to the lakes. At UTM (445/625), head up into the cut and the trees above. Route is flagged well at the beginning. Head up and through the trees, keeping to your right. Just remember to keep to the left of the waterfall, and not to go too far right too fast. It climbs steeply in areas, and it is a bushwack, so wear long sleeves and pants. We headed down to the west side of the lakes. An alternative (there is an ugly spot between two of the lakes) would be to traverse the short ridge to the east side. The extra elevation gain isn't much.

A nice winter campsite at UTM (496/598), might be buggy in early spring/summer.

From there there is no trail, simply exploring :) This area is opening up in terms of the amount of people visiting, so be sure to perform your backcountry duties and leave it pristine like it is now.

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Coast Mountains (Lillooet Range)

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BC - British Columbia

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No Park


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TrailheadFresh water raw,


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Battleship Lakes

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