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Spring Ski Grouty Ridge [PDF]

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Spring Ski Grouty Ridge


In the spring, after the Hurley River Road through Railroad Pass is ploughed, this is a super location for backcoutry skiing

Trail can be used for the following activities

Backcountry skiing

Directions to the trailhead

Drive NW out of Pemberton along the Lillooet River. About 25 km take the road N to the bridge across the river to the main Lillooet River Forestry Road. This turn is easy to miss. Continue along the River. About 10 km after the bridge, the Hurley River Road is the right fork that heads up the slope. The high point of the road is called Railroad Pass.

This road is not marked on the current Federal Topo series, but the GPS track and map is associated with this description (see below).

This is a mountain road and there is no railroad anywhere near the Pass. The first big mountain that is west of the Pass is called Locomotive. It is also not named on the Federal maps. (It is also a great ski destination!)

Park at the top of the pass.

Detailed description of the trail

Pick a good line up through the trees to the E. The first 500 vertical feet is a bushwhack and would be ugly when there is not good snow cover.

The open slopes above are bliss. And the views are amazing. I have posted pictures of the Train Glacier Group and the Tenquille-Goat massif on from up there.

There is no flagging and no trail.

Since you can ski right from the car, when the conditions are right, this makes an outstanding destination for a day's skiing.

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Railroad Pass

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BC - British Columbia

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No Park


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