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Tunnel Bluffs [PDF]

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Tunnel Bluffs


A seldom travelled hike above the viewpoint on Hwy 99 2km north of Lions Bay. Lots of old trees and a couple of views.

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Directions to the trailhead

Parking is at the viewpoint 2.5km north of Lions Bay, at 49:29.0 123:14.9. There is no left turn at the viewpoint when travelling north, you must drive 1km further where there is a gravel pullout on the right then turn around and head south when no cars are coming.

Detailed description of the trail

The trail is in great shape to the viewpoint at 49:29.16 123:14.38. After that the trail is not as well travelled but still marked and in good shape to the 2nd viewpoint at 49:29.22 123:14.18. After that it enters old overgrown logging road. Trail is marked with orange ribbon and red painted dots. Sometimes the ribbons and the dots go in different directions, follow the ribbons.

Once past the hydro right-of-way, keep left. The noise from the highway is gone in about 10 mins. There are quite a few large trees along the way. The viewpoint has a small bench to enjoy the view and eat lunch.

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Lower Mainland

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BC - British Columbia

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Condititions @ Mar 25 2005

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