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Mt. Cheam [PDF]

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Mt. Cheam


Beautiful hike to an awesome viewpoint

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Directions to the trailhead

Drive East on Chilliwack Lake Road until Foley Lake turnoff. Turn LEFT, drive for about 2km until you cross a bridge. Continue on this road for about 1.5 km until you cross the bridge at Chipmunk Creek. Shortly after the creek is a large gravel pit to your right, at the NORTH end of this pit is the road to the Cheam summit. Stay on this road, ignoring all other roads, routes or trails for approximately SEVEN kms, crossing one more bridge in the process. 4 km to go! At this point, the road forks. Take the RIGHT fork, the road will steepen and roughen considerably now. After two switchbacks you will encounter a straight, steep piece of loose roadbed that ends with a U-turn and another switchback. After crossing a shallow creek, the road levels briefly before climbing anew. You will be driving close to the edge as the road follows the ravine for about 1 km then turns and climbs some more. This last climb and "U-turn" can be full of snow until June, since this particular spot gets very little sunlight. The road surface here is very loose and very rough, but after a final switchback, it levels out again. Cross another two or three creeks and you will find yourself at the end of the road. Park among the other vehicles...this hike is also quite popular and on a clear, sunny day the parking lot can fill quickly.

Detailed description of the trail

From the parking lot, your path will be obvious...follow the old logging road for about 1 km until it veers into Spoon Valley. Stay on the beaten path, this ecosystem is very fragile. The time of year you visit will determine what sort of greenery and vegetation will be present. In early June, the alpine meadow is awash with avalanche lilies and heather, absolutely stunning!

Soon, after entering the valley, you will pass by Spoon Lake. From here, the trail heads towards the base of Lady Peak. You will pass through a small wooded area before the trail turns south, cutting across the mountain and becoming steeper. After gaining a bit of elevation, the trail will turn back and forth, continually gaining until you pass through another small forested section. Shortly after emerging from these woods, the trail will level as you reach the col. Another small body of water is present at this level. The trail to the summit can be seen as it winds its way through talus and heather-covered slopes. To the East, the trail also takes you to the sheer face of Lady Peak. At the end of this trail, is a bench that overlooks Jones Lake and is a good place to have a rest and drink in the views!

Once you've rested, back-track to the summit trail and set forth. This is the steepest part of the trail, but should only take you about three-quarter hours. The trail has many switchbacks as it zigs and zags its way to the summit. Only one area could be considered as "DANGEROUS", as the trail negotiates a precarious turn on the East side, but common sense and good technique will prevail. After this two-handed scramble, the trail resumes on a rocky slope with the summit in clear view! As you near the summit BEWARE: There are NO WARNING SIGNS near the edge, the valley below simply appears at your feet! Young children and pets should be kept close, the dropoffs are sheer and unforgiving! To your right, the familiar looking peak can be seen. A quick clamber up this chunk of rock will give you an UNPARALLELED view of the entire Fraser Valley, as well as to the North, Harrison Lake, and of our neighbours to the South as well! To the west, on the lower summit, is a wind-break built of rocks from nearby. Do not venture much further past the windbreak as there are more sheer dropoffs beyond.

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Lower Mainland

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BC - British Columbia

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Fraser Valley


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TrailheadCamping (Back country), Fresh water raw,
TrailFresh water raw, Camping (Back country),


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Mt. Cheam

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Parking lotMt. Cheam parking lotWaypointTheShadow1
Cheam summitMt. Cheam summitWaypointTheShadow1
Spoon LakeSpoon LakeWaypointTheShadow1
From Highway to Parking lot Mt CheamFrom Highway to Parking lot Mt CheamRouteBas Rijniersce8

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