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This website provides an interface to the free data available from the Toporama website maintained by the Canadian government. The website will fall back to other data sources for locations not provided by Toporama, but development focusses on British Columbia. Before using the maps created here please read the disclaimer found at before creating maps.

All maps are WGS84/NAD83 based, if you want to use the maps for mapping, make sure your GPS is set to the same mapdate. Below the map you will find a tabel with the coordinates for all four corners. Mapping software often allows you to enter these as calibrations point.

Disclaimer: the Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management clearly states that these maps should not be used for navigation!

A quick tutorial on how to create maps

Your selections are remembered between stages and are actually kept until you close your browser. So if you visit the website, create a map, browse for an hour on other sites and then return, the settings will still be available.

Stage 1 - Prepare map

In this stage you will see a low quality previews limited in size to a maximum of 1024 pixels wide. You can click in the map to change the center of the map. The main purpose for this step is to "hunt" for the area you are interested in.

In this screen you can also set the "size" of the final document you want to create. It's good to read this carefully so you understand how the three settings work together. All maps are based around Lattitude and Longitude coordinates for the CENTER of the map. The size of the image (first dropdown) is divided by the DPI to get the final products width (and height) in inches. For example we define that the final image will be 1600x1200 pixels @ 72 dpi. As a result the final product will be 1600/72 = 22.2 inch. When a scale of 1:10.000 is select the map's width in inch (real, on the ground inches) will be 22.2 * 10.000 inches.

Stage 2 - Customize map

At the moment this is limited to just enabling a UTM overlay. In future versions you will be able to add GPS data to it. Image is still restricted to 1024 pixels max in this stage

Stage 3 - Finish map

As soon as you select this map, your final image (in its full resolution) is rendered. If you decided to create and 11x17 @ 300 DPI. Be prepared to wait for a long time. The toporame server is SLOW, it can take up to 60 seconds to retrieve one (1024z1024 pixels) tile for your image. For the larger selections this could mean you are waiting for 10 minutes. It's possible that the creation of your image takes longer then the execution limit on the server. If this happens you will not see an image, just a broken image icon (depending on browser). Just reload the page, all the retrived tiles are cached and will load locally (<1 sec) instead of being retrieve from Toporama (60 s), so usually even the largest images will build in 2-3 runs.


I'm very interested to know if you like the maps you can create, what other features you would like to see and what you use your maps for. For all feedback use the "email the Webmaster" link at the bottom. Thank you!