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GPS Data

The maps generated from the Toporama data have excellent geo-reference accurancy. That means that if you plot a GPS track on these maps, you can expect that it will be plotted with minimal error.

If you have a good quality GPS track I highly recommend to upload it and make it publicly available. Other people can put your public GPS track on their custom maps. You can obviously do the same with your private and public GPS data.

Please note that functionality like plotting and downloading GPS data is only fully available for signed on users!

Search Public GPS Data

You can use the below form to search the public GPS data in several different ways.

Chilco River Rd to Tatla RdLocals suggested the route when the highway was blocked by forest fire. We used GPS in case we had to backtrack. Low on fuel too.TrackRobert Ballantyne-1976 Highway to HollyburnRecorded during Clubtread GPS HikeTrackRobert Ballantyne-444 IglooProtected Igloo SiteWaypointRobert Ballantyne-1 Island Pacific SchoolIsland Pacific School.WaypointRobert Ballantyne-1 Goat Ridge HikeGoat Ridge above Howe SoundTrackRobert Ballantyne-220 XeniaNew Waypoint, edit to update nameWaypointGus Griffin-1 Cloudburst 05Apr23Route above High Falls Creek, from Summit to Squamish River RoadTrackRobert Ballantyne-941 Spirit CavesPopular trail leads from Pioneer Cemetary in Yale to cliffs and rock cavesRouteShadowChaser-21 Serpentine LakeSlightly overgrown trail leads through a mossy forest to a mountain lake above Coquihalla Highway.RouteShadowChaser-43 Mt. St. BenedictTrackShadowChaser-67 Hope LookoutTrail to a talus slope lookout above the town of HopeRouteShadowChaser-12 Nicolum KnobShort steep trail up to a rocky hill at the junction between Highways #3 and #5RouteShadowChaser-13 Stryen CreekTrail from Lower Stein parking lot to Stryen Creek forkRouteShadowChaser-13 Spearhead TraverseSpearhead RouteRouteRobert Ballantyne-19 Strachan Mt.Plunge step down the Christmas Gully on spring snowTrackRobert Ballantyne-514 AlpenLogging Road Approach to Alpin Mountain (for skiing)TrackRobert Ballantyne-313 Mamquam RidgeLocation of the road in to the hillRouteRobert Ballantyne-2 Mt SeymourMt SeymourWaypointdon harrison-1 Elsay LakeElsay LakeWaypointdon harrison-1 Mt BishopMt BishopWaypointdon harrison-1 Vicar LakeVicar LakeWaypointdon harrison-1 Mt ElsayMt ElsayWaypointdon harrison-1 rivendell labylabyrinth on cates hill el 144.5Waypointbruce haggerstone-1 Skyline IISkyline2.gpxRouteClint-33 MERGEDMerged entry, edit to update nameTrackBas Rijniersce-587 LFT2LLTurn left onto Lynn Loop TrailWaypointBas Rijniersce-1 LPVIEWPLynn Peak ViewpointWaypointBas Rijniersce-1 LNCNYCALynn Canyon CafeWaypointBas Rijniersce-1 needle peak(hope)needle peakWaypointdon harrison-1 Markhor(hwy5 hope)MarkhorWaypointdon harrison-1 Fannin lakeFannin LakeWaypointdon harrison-1 cachingUBCcachingUBCTrackMarc Boudreau-113 Grouse/goat/crownWaypointdon harrison-1 Brew hut to Trailheadbrew2.gpxRouteTheShadow-45 Gin & Tonic LakesWhistler Cemetary to Valley of G&T LakesTrackRobert Ballantyne-312 Strachan IglooStrachan Igloo Site May 2006WaypointRobert Ballantyne-1 Cypress PeakSki High Falls Cr. Rd to Cypress PeakTrackRobert Ballantyne-935 Brian Waddington HutBrian Waddington HutWaypointBas Rijniersce-1 Brew HutBrew HutWaypointBas Rijniersce-1 MERGEDMerged entry, edit to update nameTrackBas Rijniersce-352 Joffre LakesJoffre LakesTrackBas Rijniersce-614 2NDLKJoffre Lakes - Second LakeWaypointBas Rijniersce-1 JFRPKJoffre Lakes - Parking LotWaypointBas Rijniersce-1 UPPLKCJoffre Lakes - Upper Lakes CampsiteWaypointBas Rijniersce-1 Elk Lakes CabinElk Lakes CabinWaypointBas Rijniersce-1 Rainbow Mt. ApproachRainbow Mt. Reconnaissance TrackRobert Ballantyne-521 Dinky Peak lookoutdnky.gpxTrackBas Rijniersce-123 Seymour Parking LotWaypointBas Rijniersce-1 Leave piste to the leftWaypointBas Rijniersce-1 Rurn left to DP LookoutWaypointBas Rijniersce-1 Stairs to LookoutWaypointBas Rijniersce-1 Dinky Peak LookoutWaypointBas Rijniersce-1 Wendy Thompson HutWendy Thompson HutWaypointBas Rijniersce-1 Mount RohrMount RohrWaypointBas Rijniersce-1 Locarno Beach Solar SystemAt this scale the Sun's Diameter is 500 mmWaypointRobert Ballantyne-10 Elfin Lakes WptsElfin Lakes WptsTrackBas Rijniersce-7 Elfin Lakes - Upper parking to ShelterElfin Lakes - Upper parking to ShelterTrackBas Rijniersce-1186 To Second PumpWinter camping in June just below second peakTrackBas Rijniersce-404 Goldbridge to Railroad PassGun Lake - Pioneer Mines - Railroad PassTrackRobert Ballantyne-983 Drive along Elaho RiverTook bridge to west sideTrackRobert Ballantyne-880 Logging road on bikeNorth Twin Sister - Logging road on bike.gpxTracklowclimber-361