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Welcome to the Trail Repository. As the headline says: The place for Canadian Trail data! Since you visited the About page, you are apparently interested in the site and it's creator.

I started building this site at the end of Januari 2005. The idea of building something like this had been in my head for a while. The actual start was after a member of the Clubtread community (ShadowChaser) posted a Microsoft Infopath screen to keep track of trail data. Some discussion started on what should be included etc etc.

The actual building of the site took quite a while. I only had the evening hours to spent on it, and it has taken around 3 manweeks to build I estimate. But it was a lot of fun to build it. Especially since at that time I was still in The Netherlands. We were in the process of getting our VISA for Canada. Reading Clubtread gave me countless hours of "pre-fun". Reading all the trip reports helped passing the time (one year) between starting the process and getting the VISA.

I really hope that this site will grow into a valuable resource for hikers in Canada. Ofcourse I'm very interested in all feedback and suggestions you might have. Feel free to sent me an email!!

Latest News

20 Nov 09

Exactly four years after the launch of this site I'm doing some re-modelling to focus it more on the mapping part. The ability to add trails has been removed.

20 Feb 05

The Trail Repository placed in production. The first entry is being entered by a user as I write this (10.56 PM in the Netherlands)

13 Feb 05

Created the About page :-)


This site is running on a LAMP platform. Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.

This is a completely free (as in, no licenses needed) environment.


The designer/builder of all this is Bas Rijniersce, born in 1975 in The Netherlands.

He works as a senior systems administrator/manager in IT, but does programming for fun!

The Netherlands

For most of their live Robin, Ge-an and Bas lived in The Netherlands. We spent as much time as possible in the mountains, but living in The Netherlands always means 8-10 hours driving to the mountains. Bas did several climbing courses in the Alps. As part of of the courses climbed some of the simpler mountains in the Alps (Gross Glockner, Gross Venediger, Weissmies)


Robin, Ge-an and Bas currently live in North Vancouver, BC, Canada. They became landed immigrants on the 21st of July 2005.