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Welcome to the Trail Repository

The Trail Repository started in March 2005 as a website to store trails and routes. Part of the functionality was to put these trails and routes on maps that where made available by the government. Over the next two years it became obvious that there was a far larger interest in the mapping functionality then the actual trail/route functionality.
With the creation of the Clubtread hiking wiki a large selection of trails became available. As a result I'm changing the functionality of the site to focus on mapping funcionality.
If you find any problems, or if you want to suggest new features, feel free to sent me an email.

What you can do here

To get maximum benefit from the mapping options on this site, I suggest that you create an account and then start exploring the maps.

An example map

The map below was generated on this site. The Toporama dataset provides a lot of detail, you might notice good coverage of roads, buildings, powerlines and waterbodies. When you create an account you can create high resolution maps (without account the output is limited to 1024 pixels). The image below is a selection out of a 8000x6000 pixel image.

Status screen

You are currenty not logged on, to make use of the Trail Repository to it's full extend. Please logon here, or create a new account. Unfortunately all passwords where reset. If you did not receive an email with your password, please mail


Did you know?

Robin, Ge-an and Bas really enjoyed their first winter living in BC